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Kalyon Energy Human Resources Policy; within the scope of ethical values, vision, mission and competencies; adopts the concept of Human Resources Management, which puts development, technology, quality, environment and social responsibility awareness as a principle.

The basic elements of our Human Resources Management approaches are;

  • Merit-oriented,
  • Participant,
  • Supporting talented human resources and career development,
  • Innovative,
  • Raising leaders who are compatible with the vision and mission of the company,
  • It is the creation of a corporate culture that prioritizes cultural values.

In this context; Kalyon Enerji undertakes and declares this document as its Human Resources Policy, where at all projects and investments Kalyon Enerji commits;

  • Based on the principles of Human Rights, Equality and Inclusivity; Recruitment, Orientation and Integration, Wage Management, Performance Management, Promotion, Career Management, Training, and Development Management; To apply equal opportunity in the entire Human Resources management process without discrimination due to basic human characteristics such as language, religion, race, gender, age, marital status, pregnancy status,
  • Befitting human dignity; with the aim of creating a healthy and supportive work environment; adopt a communication language approach within the framework of equality and inclusiveness in all communication processes, both written and verbal, between employees,
  • Kalyon Energy acts with the awareness of social responsibility, especially the laws; In accordance with the legislation and regulations, it does not allow people under the age of 18 or child workers to be employed, and develops projects for them to continue their education life and supports the projects developed for them,
  • To provide employment for the integration of disabled people into society and working life, and to pay attention not to exceed the working hours set by the legal regulations for all employees,
  • By encouraging female employees to take part in decision-making management positions; To prevent the disruptions that may occur in their careers due to the pregnancy process and provide the necessary support for them to continue their careers after the pregnancy process,
  • Considering the market standards and conditions; on the basis of the principles of justice and equal pay for equal work; by applying wage management according to the level structure and competencies; to protect all the rights of the employees,
  • To implement a performance system within the framework of the employee's level of knowledge, experience, competence and the requirements of the role and responsibility he has taken, and the principles of justice, transparency, and inclusiveness,
  • To contribute to the development process of the employee effectively and efficiently with the results of the performance system and to make promotion decisions based on the results of the transparent performance system,
  • To determine and manage training programs according to the personal, technical, and professional development needs of employee
  • To create internship programs for students; To support them to prepare for the professional business life they will encounter after graduation and to gain experience in this direction,
  • Our employment contracts; while ensuring that we operate safely and ethically and comply with applicable laws; to establish an anti-bribery or anti-corruption system,
  • To apply the relevant sanctions against all kinds of acts of violence and attitudes and behaviours targeting fundamental rights and freedoms inside or outside the workplace,
  • Keeping employee satisfaction at the forefront, and in this context, creating the necessary incentives to strengthen motivation and loyalty to the institution,
  • Keeping the balance between the private life and business life of the employees.

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Step into your new job at Kalyon Energy!

Kalyon Enerji furthers its sustainable energy investments by concentrating on solar and wind energy with the aim of making clean and renewable energy more accessible.  

Kalyon Enerji was established as a result of turning to energy investments with the vision of meeting the increasing energy needs of future generations in line with the increasing population in Türkiye and the world every year.  

To that end, Kalyon Enerji, which focuses on R&D and innovation studies in order to make clean and renewable energy sources accessible to meet all our energy needs, has shifted the direction of its investments in the energy sector to Gas, Hydroelectricity, centered especially around Solar Energy (SPP) and (WPP) Wind Energy.


We aim to create an environment where our employees feel safe, motivated and supported in all fields. One of our goals is to safeguard a corporate culture that values respect and loyalty, and create a workplace where the innovative ideas of our employees are supported by senior management.  

We invite you to join a career journey in a well-structured international organization and in the renewable energy sector.


Internship at Kalyon Enerji is a process of learning and experience. At Kalyon Enerji, our internship program provides an opportunity for interns to experience corporate life while uncovering their potential to become future leaders.

We highly value the learning process and the valuable contributions each intern brings to our corporate culture. Our focus is on nurturing talent and recognizing their value.



Gain practical experience by participating in an internship program at Kalyon Enerji. Throughout your internship, you will engage in stimulating tasks and collaborate with seasoned professionals.



We require a minimum duration of three months for work experience placements to ensure your active involvement in our projects. As a rule, the placement period is from 3 to 6 months.



  • Sincere interest in the field of renewable energy and following the innovations in this field and being open to learning,
  • Advanced knowledge and comprehension of English,
  • Advanced skills in MS Office,
  • Being sociable, analytical, energetic and extroverted,
  • Being a team player,
  • Advanced verbal and written communication skills,
  • Having presentation skills


Kalyon Enerji's offers

  • Participation in enthusing projects,
  • The valuable support of the experienced and well-equipped staff of the relevant departments,
  • An environment for research, learning and applying what we have learned,
  • Intern Salary.

Our acceptance process encompasses essential work experience in disciplines like Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Energy Systems Engineering.


Since internship periods are generally during semester breaks, we recommend that you submit your application at least three months prior to the internship period. Due to high demand, applications will be considered only after the application is received.

For a successful application, we kindly ask you to send us the period you want to do the internship, your cover letter, your CV, and your certificates, if any, to our e-mail address.


Your energy lies in Renewable Energy, Your future lies in the sector with a promising future.

Take the first successful step into your career. Join us in turning our vision into reality: A future and life powered by renewable energy. Recognizing the value of your knowledge and aspirations, we provide long-term opportunities for graduates who are dedicated to achieving their future goals across various professional fields!  

If you have successfully completed your education and are eager to apply the theoretical knowledge you have learned: we offer job opportunities in diverse fields for those embarking on their professional journey. From day one, we will entrust you with responsibilities that are both professionally challenging and meaningful. We will also support your growth with comprehensive on-the-job training and specialized courses tailored to your field.


We believe that our future depends on our success, and that our success depends on human resources and motivation of employees. With this belief, we aim to bring in the human resources with the most appropriate knowledge to the company.  

Our recruitment processes are based on evaluating candidates' knowledge and competencies in a transparent manner. We prioritize equal opportunities for all applicants, without discrimination based on inherent qualities such as language, religion, race, gender, age, marital status, or pregnancy status.

We have implemented a performance system that operates based on the employee's knowledge level, experience, competence, and the requirements of their role and responsibilities. This system is guided by principles of fairness, transparency, and inclusion. The performance results obtained not only contribute to the employee's development but also shape their career journey, ensuring continuous growth.  


To direct your career, you can send your CV to

You can review our General Information Text for detailed information regarding the processing of your personal data.


We invite you to join a career journey in a corporate and international organization and in the renewable energy sector.
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